Jill Fischman

From NYC’s bustling magazine scene to New Hampshire’s serene landscapes.

“Art is my voice, my canvas – a reflection of the human spirit.”

With a prestigious career in Art Direction and Design for top international magazines in New York City, Jill Fischman’s journey brought her to the natural wonders of New Hampshire.

Here, she traded the glossy pages of magazines for the textured canvas, embracing her roots in photography and painting. Inspired by the world’s complexities and personal introspections, Jill’s art is a dialogue of emotions. Her work is a vibrant tapestry of human experiences, painted with an oil color palette that speaks volumes. Each stroke is a narrative, sometimes seamless, other times a struggle, but always authentic.

Join Jill on her artistic odyssey. Experience the world through her eyes – a world where turmoil meets beauty, and inner reflections find a voice on canvas. Embrace the authenticity, clarity, and purpose in each creation.

“Art is not just what I do, it’s who I am. It’s my way of making sense of the world – and sharing that vision with you.