MAAA Art Gallery at Syd’s

Can you imagine a place where you can view exquisite fine art exactly as it would look in a contemporary living room? Twenty-seven artists invite you to visit the MAAA ART GALLERY at Syd’s Carpet & Snooze Room, the spacious, multi-room furniture store in Downtown Keene, NH. 

MAAA Art Gallery features

  • Seasonal changes of art and accompanying openings
  • Monthly get-togethers for artists and the public, TBA.
  • Syd’s staff manage sales
  • Current MAAA membership is required; no other fees to participate. New member artists are encouraged to join the ongoing exhibit as it changes every four months.
Another shot of a second room in MAAA's gallery at Syds

Colored Pencil Art Techniques Demonstratiowith Liz Winchester-Larson

July 20, 2024, 9am-Noon, Stone Arch Village, Community Room, 835 Court Street, Keene, NH 

Liz Winchester-Larson will demonstrate how she applies many layers of color to achieve richness and intricate detail in her work. We will discuss color mixing with a limited palette, for example, layering blue and yellow to make green. We will also talk about making color charts. If you would like to work along with the demonstration, please bring your own selection of pencils, focusing on yellows, blues, and reds, warm and cool, a sketchbook or loose sheets of drawing paper, a drawing board to support the paper, pencil sharpeners, kneaded eraser, Prismacolor Magic Rub erasers, low tack masking tape, and a ruler. House plants, fruit, and vegetables will be supplied for models to work with, or bring your own interesting leaves or fruit/vegetables to work from.


Demo/Instructor Liz Winchester-Larson

The Absolute Basics of Oil Painting
with Kate Beetle

July 20, 2024, 1-4pm, Stone Arch Village, Community Room, 835 Court Street, Keene, NH 

This workshop will explore some key materials and techniques used by oil painters. The goal is to give a beginner or intermediate student some jumping off points for further exploration. We will look at the paints themselves, brushes, and supports, how they work, and the mediums used to alter their properties for an artist’s individual style. We will explain the toolbox of the visual artist, including composition, value, color, brushwork, and edges. An understanding of these tools will help anyone look at a piece they admire and analyze how the artist achieved that look. We will also do some demonstrations, as time permits, on how to “block in” a painting and hopefully stay on track with it. Participants questions are encouraged, within reason, given the time constraints. 


Demo/Instructor Kate Beetle

In the comfort of Jeanne Maguire Thieme’s warm and welcoming studio in Swanzey, NH, MAAA members can participate in monthly Critiques led by Jeanne herself.

  • Artists in all visual media are invited
  • Group size is limited to 7 each month
  • Each participant may bring 1-2 pieces for discussion
  • Participants can expect encouragement, feedback, support and suggestions
  • Attendees contribute potluck snack offerings, tea provided
  • No fee to attend but registration is required.

    Next session in July. No sessions in June or August REGISTER

Artist and teacher Jeanne Maguire Thieme

Spring and Fall Meetings

Twice a year the association gathers for meetings, usually at Hannah Grimes Center on Roxbury Street in Keene. Programs include updates on association business, workshops, demonstrations and socializing with other members. Refreshments are provided and the get-togethers are free and open to the public. 

Member Exhibits: Crowell Gallery, Newfane, VT

Periodically, Monadnock Area Artists Association members have opportunities to exhibit at unscheduled shows. In 2024, the association will be inviting members to join the July show at the Crowell Gallery in Newfane, VT. More information in the MAAA e-News. This event is volunteer-led and we welcome initiatives like this.