Workshop with Mary Iselin: 
Seeing (and Using!) Color and Light in your Oil, Pastel, or Acrylic Painting

June 15, 2024, 10am-4pm, Stone Arch Village, Community Room (Senior Housing Complex), 835 Court Street, Keene, NH (Immediately after Savings Bank of Walpole on the right across from Dunkin Donuts)

It has often been said, “we don’t paint objects, we paint light.” And color is, to many of us, one of the biggest joys in our world. In this workshop, we will briefly explore how to see both color and light and explore techniques for using both in our work to enhance interest, excitement, and hopefully, to add that special “magic” that makes painting worthwhile.

Registration fee: $75 for members and $90 for non-members. Deadline for Registration is June 12.

Registration is a 2-part process:

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For this Workshop, the presenter and MAAA would like to be sure that no one is excluded due to cost. In the Registration Form (link above), there is a space to request reduced/waived tuition. If you have any questions, please contact Workshop Committee Members Kathleen Kennedy at 603-209-4344 or Gail Shelley at 603-209-0618. Please leave a text message or voicemail.