Workshops take place at Stone Arch Village, 835 Court Street, Keene, NH

July 20, 2024
Demo Day
Morning and Afternoon Sessions
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Colored Pencil Art Techniques Demonstration
with Liz Winchester-Larson

Colored pencil is a very versatile fine art medium, as simple as layers and layers of pencil on good quality drawing paper. Working directly from a small still-life setup, Liz Winchester-Larson will first demonstrate how she applies many layers of color, building up the transition of linear marks into solid form. With this technique, she achieves rich color and intricate detail in her work. The still-life becomes more than fruit, object, and backdrop, it is an environment of form, color, and light.

We will discuss color mixing with a limited palette, for example, layering blue and yellow to make green. Since colored pencil is a dry, and translucent medium, light travels through the layers to give the impression that you are seeing green. We will also talk about making color charts—I make notes in the margins of a drawing—having a chart to refer back to again for the “How did I do that color” is a real timesaver.

If you would like to work along with the demonstration, please bring your own selection of pencils, focusing on yellows, blues, and reds, warm and cool, a sketchbook or loose sheets of drawing paper, a drawing board to support the paper, pencil sharpeners, kneaded eraser, Prismacolor Magic Rub erasers, low tack masking tape, and a ruler. House plants, fruit, and vegetables will be supplied for models to work with, or bring your own interesting leaves or fruit/vegetables to work from. All levels of experience are welcome.

About Liz Winchester-Larson: Focused primarily on the medium of colored pencil, Liz Winchester-Larson achieves rich color and intricate detail in her work. She was introduced to this medium many years ago for precise architectural rendering in her interior design studies in the BFA program at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Now enjoying still-life and landscape subjects, her tiny studio in Marlborough, NH, is filled with objects, plants, and a view of gardens and trees to inspire her paintings, all saying; “Draw me, no me, draw me first!”.

Liz has exhibited her award winning paintings throughout the New England area. She is a member of the Monadnock Area Artists Association, Nashua Area Artists Association, Saxtons River Art Guild, and the Colored Pencil Society of America.

The Absolute Basics of Oil Painting
with Kate Beetle


This workshop will explore some key materials and techniques used by oil painters. The goal is to give a beginner or intermediate student some jumping off points for further exploration. We will look at the paints themselves, brushes, and supports, how they work, and the mediums used to alter their properties for an artist’s individual style. We will explain the toolbox of the visual artist, including composition, value, color, brushwork, and edges. An understanding of these tools will help anyone look at a piece they admire and analyze how the artist achieved that look. We will also do some demonstrations, as time permits, on how to “block in” a painting and hopefully stay on track with it. Participants questions are encouraged, within reason, given the time constraints. 

About Kate Beetle: Kate grew up in northern New Jersey, with a wildlife refuge in her back yard, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art a train ride away. Her grandparents supported her art, and she and her sister took private lessons from local artist Carolyn Weaver. Her love of nature led to a degree program in environmental studies and geology from Richard Stockton College in the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. Upon graduating she moved to New Hampshire where she found a beautiful and inspirational habitat. Kate has supported herself through various jobs while developing skills in the calligraphic arts. She was juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen, and did citations and illustrative work both locally and nationally for a number of years, winning awards for greeting card design. Locally she did several packaging designs for the WS Badger Company. She continued to study fine art, working with watercolor, pastel, and oils, learning the fundamentals of materials and composition. Working steadily, she has found her own voice and technique to express her love of the landscape. Kate’s images are of very specific places, times of day, mood, atmosphere—even geology. She is especially drawn to water in its many aspects. She also just enjoys the tactile sense of messing around with pigments. Her work has been included in national juried exhibits. Recently she has won Best in Show at Stonewall Farms, and First, Third, and Honorable mention at Art in the Park.


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