Art in the Park 2012 Award Winners

Congratulations to our award winners! You can read more about Art in the Park 2012 on the Art in the Park page.

Bob Askey – 3rd Place, Mixed Media

Bob Janules – Honorable Mention, Photography

Bob Taylor – 2nd Place, Sculpture

Charles Mooradian – Honorable Mention, Water Media – Copyright- Albert P. Dionne

Caryn King – Honorable Mention, Oils/Acrylics

Chris Bower – 3rd Place Photography

Diane Bell – Marie Hickey Award, Water Media

Diane Bell and Jeanette Fournier accepting awards from President, Gill Truslow Copyright- Albert P. Dionne

Don Reed – Honorable Mention, Oils/Acrylics Copyright- Albert P. Dionne

Donna Lund – 1st Place, Water Media

Elizabeth Craumer – Honorable Mention, Pastel

Eric Peterson – 1st Place, Mixed Media

Erika Radich – 1st Place, Printmaking

Frankie Brackley Tolman – Honorable Mention, Water Media



Fred Martin – Honorable Mention, Photography

Jeanette Fournier – 2nd Place, Water Media

Jeanne Thieme – 3rd Place Water Media

John Tomasetti – Honorable Mention, Water, Media

Kathrine Piper – Honorable Mention, Mixed Media Copyright- Albert P. Dionne

Ken Harvey – 2nd Place, Photography

Linda Mahoney – Honorable Mention, Printmaking

Liz Winchester-Larson – 3rd Place, Colored Pencil


Mary Iselin – Honorable Mention, Oils/Acrylics

Mary Jane Cross – People’s Choice Award

Mike Hanson – Honorable Mention, Photography

Monique Sakellarios, 3rd Place, Oils/Acrylics

Nicole Caulfield – 2nd Place, Colored Pencil

Neil Falcone, winner of Phil Bean’s beautiful watercolor Copyright- Albert P. Dionne

Robin Frisella – Honorable Mention

Roxanne Chardon – Honorable Mention

Steve Hjelm – Honorable Mention, Water Media Copyright- Albert P. Dionne

Steve Previte – Honorable Mention, Oils/Acrylics

Sue O’Connor – 1st Place, Photography

William C. Turner – 2nd Place, Oils/Acrylics

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